All righty! It's here at last!! Get ready for some webcast laughs from my very own personal viewing collection. Over the years, I have meticulously gathered videos of some of the funniest stuff on the face of the earth!

Recently added videos include:  I have just posted an old web-u-mockery, 9 Coronas (My Sharona). Just click run when it asks you. along with the bit from Jon Stewart's Comedy Central Show. Also, and this is a big one...Fire Marshall Bill - Jim Carey from In Living Color days. Also check out Mad TV's,  Bobby Lee as "Tank". An appearance on Conan O'Brien by Saddam Hussein and  Arnold Swartzenegger (post accident).

 9 Coronas is a download . Once you have it just open it up.

 Go Ahead...Laugh your ass off, I dare you!!

Please note: These video clips are in a highly compressed format and are for promotional purposes only. To get a high quality copy please contact the artist.



 9 Coronas  

  Jon Stewart

 What Is Bush's Job?  

  Dave Chappell

The Niggar Family   Clayton Bigsby      

Jim Carey

On The Tonight Show- Early 1990's

Fire Marshall Bill- (In Living Color)


 Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

 In Quebec   At The 2004 DNC   Mac Attack   Westminster Dog Show

20/20 with Barbara Walters   Reaming Jerry Springer


Will Sasso (Mad TV)

Kenny Rogers' Jackass     

Bobby Lee as "Tank"  

Conan O Brian

Gov. Swartzenegger     

Gov. Swartzenegger 2 

Saddam Hussein 

Andy Kaufman

Old Mac Donald    

American Idol

Sweet Home Alabama  

Stupid Human Tricks

Dry Throat 

Also be sure to check out  



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